JCMG Project Material Share

Have extra materials to share? Need something for your project?

Use the form at the bottom of the page to list something for your project. This share is limited to project coordinators for use on approved JCMG projects. Refer to the JCMG roster for contact information.


  • The Demonstration Garden has FREE Landscaping Stone to share. Limestone rocks/boulders taken from the rock raised bed that was recently removed. MG volunteers have sorted the stones from small to very large to make it easy to find what you want. Take all you like from the area outside the garden—not from the remaining standing structure. All the disassembled stones, located at the back of the garden, are free for taking—first-come, first-served. Questions: contact Chris Sedrel. (added 11/1/22)


  • [Project Name] needs [amount] of [material] to share. Contact [contact name].

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