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Houseplant benefits: air- purifying, happiness

BY LINDA SCHREIBER In Iowa, gardeners turn their attention to houseplants when the temperatures drop during the long winter months. If you are searching for a new plant, consider those that improve the air quality.…

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Musings on the Garden, Part 2

BY DOUG GERAETS In my first installment of Musings on The Garden I wrote about not using traditional composting techniques but instead a method of trench composting. Composting in trenches is little more than digging…

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Free Nectar? Don’t Mind If I Do!

BY MELISSA SERENDA Most people are familiar with the mutually beneficial relationship between plants and pollinators: plants offer up nutritious nectar or pollen to entice insects, birds, or small mammals to assist in their (ahem)…

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The Plants We Eat: Seeds

BY MARY LOU MAYFIELD Seed: A plant embryo encased in a seed coat and containing an energy source. SNAP educational resource, “Growing Healthy Habits: Parts of the Plant We Eat.” Pg. 67 You can see…

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Musings on the Garden

BY DOUG GERAETS Now that the growing season is over, reflecting on the past year in the garden is fun and informative. The calendar said the season started but warm weather and plant growth were…

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Learning Opportunities

The new year will bring several opportunities to learn about gardening, both in person and online. ISU Master Gardeners Home Gardening Webinar Series The ISU Master Gardener program is hosting a series of free webinars…

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Tubers Highlight Holiday Dinners

BY LINDA SCHREIBER Did you know the two dishes that share a name and a spotlight at Thanksgiving aren’t related? Both are root vegetables, and both are native to Central and South America. Sweet potatoes…

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Book Review: Locust

BY MELISSA SERENDA You’ve probably heard of biblical plagues of locusts, and recurring devastation wrought by the supercharged grasshoppers that comprise the arthropod mob, devastating crops in swathes covering huge areas of land. Maybe you’ve…

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