The Plants We Eat: Seeds


Seed: A plant embryo encased in a seed coat and containing an energy source.

SNAP educational resource, “Growing Healthy Habits: Parts of the Plant We Eat.” Pg. 67

You can see the plant embryo inside a dried bean that has been soaked.

There are some seeds, notably corn and peas/ beans, that we eat in different ways at different stages of maturity. We eat “sweet corn,” or corn on the cob, while it is still tender and juicy. We eat “dent corn” when it is fully ripe, as a grain.

In addition to eating fresh green beans, lima beans, edamame, and peas, we also eat many kinds of dried beans by boiling them.

Other seeds we eat as nuts and grains.


Corn Chowder (I like to add leftover cod)

Three Bean Salad (make it 4 beans by adding a can of chickpeas/garbanzos)

Trail Mix

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